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Our Message To Our Extended Return Clients

Thanks so much for reaching out in regards to your extension. First, I wanted to make it clear that I did not forget about you. Please note that we had an extremely large amount of extensions filed this year. This mainly happened this year because many pastors were struggling with getting the documentation during the Easter season (since Easter and tax day fell at the exact same time), and/or other reasons (personal, congregational, etc). The result is that many of our clients gave us documents too late in the season and needed an extension filed so that we could have extra time to prepare the tax return.

Please understand that the whole point of filing an extension is so that we do not need to rush through the tax return which can lead to many costly errors. I believe the saying in this situation would be haste makes waste.

Please know that I am working as fast as I can (without making errors to your tax return or anyone else's). We prepare all extensions in the order we received ALL documents and filed the extension. Understand that I am the only one that prepares taxes in my firm. We do not have a staff. This is what helps keep our fees so low, and why my average charge saves you approximately $100-$200. Our fees are even rivaling Turbo Tax (because they make you buy the business software). I have heard clergy stating that they are now paying over $300 just to use Turbo Tax (our highest fee is $295 unless you have something crazy going on).

Also, because I am the only one in the firm that prepares taxes, that means you are working with someone that has over 15 years in Clergy Tax experience. I live and breathe clergy taxes, and they are the only tax returns I prepare.

I know that your tax situation is causing you a great deal of anxiety right now, but I promise you that I've got your back. Again, I have not forgotten about you. I just need a little bit more time. Please know that I will be reaching out to you once I have begun working on your extended return with any questions and requests of items I need. For now, there is nothing further that you need to do at this time.


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