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IRS Balance Due Notices

We have been receiving reports from many clients that even though they paid their IRS Tax Bill in full, they are still receiving notices and/or their IRS online account still shows that they owe the money. After reaching out to some of my colleagues; as well as the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the National Association of Tax Professionals, I have learned that there is a major system wide issue with the IRS payment center. In short, the IRS has taken your payment, possible even shows it in your online payment history, but hasn't moved it to the computer system where your tax return is. The result is that clients are receiving erroneous balance due statements from the IRS. Currently, I have been advised that you should do nothing at this time while the IRS attempts to correct the issue. However, if you have received ANY notice, please upload a copy to Jacobson Clergy Tax Service right away anyways. Please be sure to include all pages (front and back). I would like to make sure that we stay on top of this issue in case it takes the IRS a while to fix this issue.


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