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Still Haven’t Gotten Your W-2? Here's What You Can Do About It!

Employers only have until the end of January to put your W-2 in the mail. Which means that you should have yours by now. However, being a business owner myself, I know that “stuff” happens. Sometimes it’s not the employers fault, and sometimes it is. Here’s what you can do to get your tax documents.

1. Contact Your Employer- Maybe you moved, or maybe it got lost in the mail. If your employer filled out your W-2, they can mail you a copy of it. Again, if you’ve moved, make sure you update your address with them.

2. Call the IRS- If your employer is being delinquent, you can call the IRS after February 23rd. You will need to give the IRS the following information.

-Your name, address, Social Security number and phone number; -Your employer’s name, address and phone number; -The dates you worked for the employer; and -An estimate of your wages and federal income tax withheld in 2015.

The IRS will send a letter to your employer requesting the W-2. The phone number for the IRS is 1-800-829-1040.

3. Use a Substitute W-2- You can fill out Form 4852 and attach it to your return. In order to provide accurate information, you can use a final paystub. However, if you do not have a final paystub, nor do you have any figures to work with, you can use an estimation. However, you must call the IRS and first get permission before doing this.

4. Correct Your Return- By the summer, the IRS usually has the transcript of your W-2 readily available. You can request a copy of this transcript and then file an amended return with your corrected figures.

The above can be a complex process. Before you decide to use a substitute w-2, or contact the IRS, please call Jacobson Clergy Tax Service. Our phone number is (609) 375-8295. You can also contact us directly through our website. We are happy to help.

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