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February 29, 2016

In order to “sweeten the pot” in a Clergy’s contract or Terms of Call, many times the church may offer to reimburse them for their unpaid Self-Employment Tax (SECA) and/or unpaid income tax.  While it may seem like you’re living life tax free; think again.  That reimbu...

February 19, 2016


Employers only have until the end of January to put your W-2 in the mail.  Which means that you should have yours by now.  However, being a business owner myself, I know that “stuff” happens.  Sometimes it’s not the employers fault, and sometimes it is.  Here’s what y...

February 11, 2016


The IRS never calls or emails you when you owe them money. They always send a letter via US Mail.


However, if you do get a phone call, email, or letter, please let Jacobson Clergy Tax Service review it before you pay it. Even if it's a legitamiate IRS letter, many tim...

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