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Additional Instructions For 2023

Please send in the following or complete the necessary additional forms.  Feel free to bookmark this page or copy and paste for your records.

ID Verification (Required)

  • A valid copy of your Driver's License

  • A valid copy of an official State ID (non-drivers license ID)

  • If you are married, we will need a valid ID for your spouse as well.

  • No other ID is accepted

  • Make sure the ID that is submitted is NOT expired.

Dependent Children

  • The IRS always wants documentation every year to "prove" your children lived with you.  Even though we know they did, we are required to obtain this documentation in case of audit (on our end).  The item should have the Child's name, address, and the year 2023 on it.  Many times, healthcare statements, Childcare Provider Statements, Doctor Statements, School Statement and letters from employers count for this requirement.  The most common form we used is 1095-B (the form the  health insurance providers send you about healthcare) Unfortunately, they do not always send these out via mail, but you may want to ask the healthcare provider for a copy.  If you can not get this form, you may obtain any of the other examples listed above.


  • All W-2s

  • All Form 1099-NEC forms

  • All Form 1099-MISC forms

  • Forms 1099-R (Detail of Retirement withdrawals)

  • Forms 1099-INT and 1099-DIV (Interest and Dividends)

  • Form 1099-B (Sales of stocks and other investments)

  • Unemployment compensation (Form 1099-G)

  • Social Security benefits received (Form SSA-1099)

  • Consolidated 1099 forms (from brokerage firms- be sure to provide ALL PAGES EVEN IF BLANK; Front and Back)

  • Information On Crypto Currency Transactions (Many Company's (or wallets) now provide tax statements or endorse software to produce a tax statement).

  • If you have a Small Business; CLICK HERE to fill out our Small Business Form.  DO NOT SEND RECEIPTS.

    • Please fill out one Small Business form for each business you have.​

  • If you have a Rental Property; CLICK HERE to fill out our Rental Form.  DO NOT SEND RECEIPTS.

    • ​Please fill out one Rental Form for each Rental Property you own.​
  • Any Alimony received and/or paid

  • Tax refunds received in 2023 (also on Form 1099-G); list also tax due and paid with the 2022 tax return

  • Form 1099-Q (Distributions from an education savings account or 529 Plan)

  • Farm income or loss (Contact Us if you have a Farm)

  • Total Amounts Received As A Moving Expense Reimbursement (also let us know if this amount was included in your W-2)

  • List of any other income that you do not have a form (source and amount; when in doubt, list it)

For Deductions, please list the following:

  • Medical and Dental expenses- CLICK HERE to fill out the form.  DO NOT SEND RECEIPTS.

  • Taxes you paid (Property tax is the big one)

  • Interest you Paid (Mortgage is the big one; Please provide Form 1098)

  • Charitable donations CLICK HERE to fill out the form.  DO NOT SENT RECEIPTS

Miscellaneous adjustments and deductions to / from income, tax and credits:

  • Penalty of early withdrawal of savings

  • IRA Contributions (Send Form 5498)

    • If Form 5498 is not available, please tell us how much you contributed and the type of IRA Account you have (Traditional or ROTH)​

    • If you are married, remember that you and your spouse would have separate IRA Accounts (there is no such thing as a joint IRA).  You will need to provide the above information for each of you.

      • If you are unsure who owns the IRA Account, contact your bank or financial planner.​

  • Form 1098-E (Detail of student loan interest paid)

  • Jury duty pay given to your employer (who continued your regular paycheck)

  • Detail of child and dependent care expenses

    • You must provide a Year End Child Care Provider Statement (even if paid with an FSA).​

      • Provide a statement from each childcare provider​

  • Information regarding 529 Plan Contributions (usually the final statement of the year).​​

  • Detail of care of elderly and disabled dependents

  • College Related Expenses (Form 1098-T)

  • Electric Vehicle Purchases- Please submit any and all documentation provided by the dealership.

  • Energy Improvements-Please submit any and all documentation provided by the contractor/installer.

Other detail that may reduce your taxes:

  • Self employed health insurance premiums

  • Self Employed Pensions, Solo 401(k) plans (Self Employed People ONLY), and KEOGH Plans


  • If you still haven't filled out the Clergy Housing Form (or the housing section on the organizer), CLICK HERE to fill it out now.

  • If you still haven't filled out the Clergy Expense Form (or the expense section on the organizer), CLICK HERE to fill it out now.


  • Bursar Statement or Student Account Statement that shows a billing and payment history for the entire year of 2022.  You may also include form 1098-T.

IRS ID Protection PIN

  • IRS Notice CP 01A

  • Send Information through a Word Document via the portal

  • If you do not know your IRS ID Protection PIN, you may retrieve it by CLICKING HERE 

Quarterly Estimates

  • Provide a recent pay stub for you (and your spouse if applicable).

New Clients

  • Provide a copy of last year's tax return.

Ready To Prepare?

Once you have completed ALL of the above steps, you will need to fill out the Ready to Prepare Form.  This can be found in your Client Organizer Confirmation email (from  

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